The presidential candidate of the Socialist Party, Igor Dodon, promises to put an end to the Energokapital scheme used in electricity imports.

The socialist leader pronounced the statements during a press conference, in which he launched the second point of his electoral program, which relates to economy.

Although he spoke of the energy market intermediaries, Igor Dodon has not pronounced any person or company name.

"We will reduce the price of energy products, we will announce how prices are formed, we have come to a situation when the purchase price of gas from Gazprom decreased, but it increased for the consumers. We shall eliminate all the intermediaries in the electricity sector, do you think we cannot buy electricity directly from Cuciurgani?" asked Dodon rhetorically.

It is worth mentioning that energy experts Sergiu Tofilat and Victor Parlicov had previously announced that Tiraspol separatist leader, Evghenii Sevchuk and Prime Vice President of DPM, Vlad Plahotniuc back the Energokapital company.

Tiraspol press published some documents coming from an investigation of the Supreme Soviet of the region, which show that only in 2014, Energokapital transferred over EUR 17 million to offshore zones through several local banks, including Victoriabank, which came from intermediation of electric energy imports.

General Prosecutor's Office invited the two experts to testify in the case of Energokapital, however, the Prosecutor announced that the two had no "credible evidence" in this case.

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