Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova announced today the candidate for the presidential elections of 30 October 2016. The Republican Party Council unanimously decided to submit as party president, Igor Dodon.

Republican Council meeting was held in the monastery Capriana, symbolic place according to party members: "We decided to summon the Republican Council of PSRM in this symbolic place - Capriana Monastery as we launch to win. If we do not win this time, that generally means we lose the way "said Ion Ceban, President of PSRM faction in the Chisinau Municipal Council.

The electoral message of PSRM presidential campaign is "Moldova has a future".

Party members also noted that the future president must preserve its statehood, ensure economic development and contribute to the preservation of orthodoxy.

Republican Council constituted and initiative group to collect 15 thousand signatures needed to support PSRM's candidate for president.

Earlier, PSRM asked the Constitutional Court to review the constitutionality of establishing the date of presidential elections and the Law on amending and supplementing the Electoral Code of Moldova, considering that shortcomings were admitted in the organization of presidential elections. The referral was rejected by the High Court.

Today, other parties are also to submit their candidates for the presidential race.

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