The Orhei Mayor Ilan Sor, send a message through his lawyers urging people from Orhei to not go vote.

He accuses the current government for all the irregularities and abuses through a message posted on his Facebook page. He mentioned “They kept me in custody to not run for the President, kept me in custody to not be able to support Inna Popenco, kept me in custody to not be able to go in front of people and tell them the truth. And all that wasn’t enough.”

He also wrote that the men in power have decided to go against women who tried to win people's trust and give them the opportunity to choose someone who is not associated with the current government or foreign interests. “They are miserable cowards, they mocked the inhabitants from Orhei and that will not remain without consequences. What was Inna’s fault? Maybe the fact that she is not one of the masked candidates of the current government? Or maybe the fact that her name is not Maia and the Americans didn’t ask for her support? Or the fact that she was not a part of the current destructive government?” These are just some of the questions mentioned in Ilan Sor’s message.

The mayor considers that there is no way the Moldovan election will be lawful.  According to him, what happens now is nothing but a well directed show planned in advance by government and representatives of the "so-called right-wing opposition."  He said “ At first they tricked Nastase to withdraw him from the election, as he really did not have any understanding of power. After that, they continued their project prepared long before.

I wouldn’t want to be neither in Nastase’s place at the point where he will realize he was tricks, nor in the voters’ place, who will go vote on Sunday to later realize they were used in a diabolic, well-planned scenario.”

Concluding his message, Sor made some promises about social stores and urged people from Orhei to not go vote. “Let us give them a lesson to all those who directed this electoral show.”

A similar message to boycott the Sunday elections was transmitted by the ex-candidate for the President, Inna Popenco.  "The elections will be falsified. Thus,  there is no reason to participate in this show. "

Please note that last week, at the Electoral Commission request, the Court of Appeal decided to exclude from the election the Ravnopravie Party’s candidate Inna Popenco. The decision was taken based on the actions of bribing the voters by handing across social cards with electoral symbol on them and the opening of social stores. 

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