The presidential candidate Inna Popenco risks exclusion from the election race for having handed out discount cards to purchase foodstuffs from a social grocery store.

Today, 20 October, eight members of the Central Election Commission (CEC) voted for the submission to the Chisinau Court of Appeal of the application for annulment of her registration as a presidential candidate. 

According to the statement, issued by the CEC, "The Central Election Commission, in accordance with art. 69 para. (4) of the Election Code, requests the Chisinau Court of Appeal to reexamine the decision no. 303 of 26.09.2016 "On Ms Inna Popenco’s registration as a candidate for President of the Republic of Moldova, nominated by the Ravnopravie Social Political Movement, her electoral symbol and confirmation of her voting advisory in the Central Election Commission and of the person in charge of finance (treasurer)"

The decision was adopted based on the appeal, filed by Silvia Radu, an independent candidate, who claims that Popenco was present at an event, where people were given out discount cards to purchase foodstuffs from a social grocery store, and there were several election banners, revealing Popenco’s hidden intent. Radu blames Popenco for having used undeclared funds in her election campaign.

Inna Popenco wrote on her Facebook page that the statement outraged her and, in case of her exclusion, Silvia Radu and Igor Dodon, who do not care for retirees, would bear all the guilt.

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