EPPM leader Iurie Leanca today was officially registered by the CEC to the President of the Republic of Moldova post. Thus, the former prime minister will be the third in the ballots.

On this occasion, Leanca wrote the following message on his Facebook page: "The Central Election Commission has registered my candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic. I am embarking on this road because, together, we can bring prosperity in Moldova. Prosperity means a better life for citizens, better-paid jobs, decent pensions. Prosperity requires a cleaner state in which justice does not depend on oligarchs. We can achieve this, and even more so with the help of our Western partners.

I know that Moldovans are tired of politics and big words. Therefore, I only tell you this: You know me from my previous work, you know I'm a man of my word. You know that i can use my good relations with European powers, I had the honor to refer to Moldova as others have not dreamed. As President I will firmly anchor Moldova on the path to prosperity, on the road to the West. "

EPPM leader's decision to register was taken with the votes of seven CEC members, one member abstaining from voting.

So far there have been two officially registered candidates, Democrat leader - Marian Lupu and Liberal leader - Mihai Ghimpu.

We remind that for the collecting of signatures in support of the candidacy for president of Iurie Leanca, the initiative group declared expenses of MDL 3.409.

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