The list of aspirants to the presidency of the country is expanding. The Central Election Commission announced yesterday that two more candidates for this position required the registration of initiative groups to support them.

According to the release of the institution, they are Mihai Gorj and Artur Croitoru, both individual applicants.

According to ZDG, Mihai Gorj is a Doctor of Law, Associate Professor, Dean of the Law Faculty of the Dniester Institute of Economics and president of the “LEX SCRIPTA” Institute for Legislative Creation. Additionally, according to the source, in November 2015, Gorj was the government participant in the contest for the position of judge in the Constitutional Court.

Artur Croitoru, the second independent candidate, is an entrepreneur and president of “FREE WORLD” Small and Medium Business Association.

Within 3 days from the receipt of the documents submitted, the Commission will verify their correctness and will decide on registration or refusal of registration of their initiative groups.

The period for submitting applications for registration of initiative groups to support candidates for Presidency will end on 9 September.

In total, so far, eight candidates have applied for registration of initiative groups
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