Action and Solidarity Party chairman, Maia Sandu and the PPDA leader Andrei Nastase, participated together at the " Interpol" show on TV7.

The two said that the joint candidate from PAS and PPDA will be appointed next week.

Maia Sandu has stated that: "The government has shown that elections will be rigged and only a joint candidate could win. These are the risks of fraud, we are here and we have a serious mission. We promised to bring correct and honest people in politics, if we made a commitment, we have to respect it. The first survey will be made early next week, only from the first survey will be clear who is first. We do not go separately, but mentioning how dangerous is the power, especially the SPRM candidate disguise. "

Sandu and Nastase stressed that negotiations will begin after the results of the first survey. Andrei Nastase said: "I think after the first survey we can sit at the table to see who we appoint. We have to go out with a joint decision, an assumed and mature one. The survey is a good thing, but we must take into account the things that occur." Nastase also added that:" People need to understand that we have a common agenda, that we trust each other. "

The two have made it clear that they will not nominate people to the forefront, people with issues of integrity. PAS leader said that the next president should make a hard life for Filip, Candu, Plahotniuc and others and provoke parliamentary elections. Sandu also said that ahe will not appoint Plahotniuc as prime minister, the same is reiterated by Nastase who emphasized that: "I will never appoint Plahotniuc as a prime minister."

The two politicians have indicated that they will take the protest to the streets the day there will be initiated the motion of censure against the Government Filip.

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