Mihai Ghimpu, LP chairman, is the second registered candidate for President of the country.

Today the Central Election Commission took this decision with the approval of all its members, the CEC received 25 thousand signatures, Ghimpu will occupy the second position on the vote ballot after the Democratic candidate, Marian Lupu.

Also today, the CEC established the limit on funds that can be transferred to the  "Electoral Fund" account elections of the President of the Republic of Moldova. According to the CEC decision, the overall limit of the funds is determined by taking as the basis of a coefficient multiplied by the number of electors in the constituency where the election is taking place. For this election, the size coefficient was set at MDL 23.05. According to data from the State Register of Voters, as of September 13, 2016, the total number of voters included in the electoral lists is 2.854.557 voters.

Thus, the overall limit of funds that can be transferred to the "Electoral Fund" account of the election contestant for the possition of the President of Moldova dated October 30, 2016 is MDL65.797.538,85.

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