Dignity and Truth Platform Party Chairman Andrei Nastase will go back to the United States, he is expected to testify in the investigation initiated in the US on the bank fraud in Moldova.

Nastase believes that only an international investigation can provide elucidation on the theft of the billion and send those guilty to prison.

 "I will go back to the US because it is important to supplement the statements that I gave them and I am confident that only an international inquiry will shed light on the theft of billions and we will be able to return the billions stolen, and those who are guilty will have to go to jail and return everything they stole, "said Andrei Nastase on Ora Expertizei show on Jurnal TV.

"There is not much time until October 30, when people have to choose such a president, who will have the courage and will not be afraid to provide for the international institutions some documents which prove the theft, "said Nastase.

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