The Association of Sociologists and Demographers has published today a new survey on the chances of candidates to the presidency in the coming elections.

According to the survey, Igor Dodon with 40.2% and Andrei Nastase with 14.9% have the most of chances. The two are followed by Marian Lupu - 14%, Maia Sandu - 12% Iurie Leanca - 8.1% and Dmitrii Ciubasenco - 4.5%.

Recall that the same association conducted another survey in September, which showed different figures for the candidates. Even if the top 6 were the same candidates, the first 4 positions were divided differently.

In the previous survey, the first two places were occupied by Igor Dodon with 36.2% and Maia Sandu with 16.1%, the 3rd and 4th place went to Andrei Nastase with 13.9% and Marian Lupu with 12.4%, respectively. According to the new survey, Maia Sandu has been exceeded by Andrei Nastase and Marian Lupu. Leanca had the same 8.1% and Ciubasenco 3.6%.

However, polls seem to differ much from one author to another. Only two days ago, a survey, carried out by the International Republican Institute (IRI) showed that Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase would have equal chances in the first round - 13%, and Igor Dodon would get 30% of the votes.

The results of about seven polls on the chances of candidates in the presidential elections have been presented in the last 2 months. You can see their results of the polls in Election 2016 column.

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