The vice-president of the Democratic Party, Vlad Plahotniuc, said in an interview for the news portal, that Igor Dodon is a danger for Moldova and Maia Sandu is being fooled by shifty people.

During the interview, Plahotniuc said that both Dodon and Sandu made their way up using his name and criticizing him. However, now the time has come for them to prove themselves and what they are really worth of. He also mentioned that Dodon is more persistent and therefore has a higher score, and that Sandu began to attack him after the Liberal Democrats didn’t name her the Ministry of Education.

Plahotniuc admitted “What Maia Sandu says are simple things, usual for a campaign and harmless for the country but Dodon is a problem. He is a dangerous person, very ambitious and insistent on his ideas which, in this case, are absolutely irrelevant and certainly not in the interest of this country. If I had to choose between Maia Sandu and Igor Dodon, I would definitely choose Marian Lupu. Comparing the two candidates, Dodon is a real threat for Moldova, a man who insists on his wrong and vicious ambitions. He is not dangerous for me or for the Democratic Party, we can easily stand him (check the impeachment motion, failed 3 weeks ago) but he has an extraordinary way of manipulating people and he might put the country on a very dangerous path as a President.  Maia Sandu on the other hand, has right intentions and often screws up by speaks up her mind. Even though she is being fooled and used by shifty people in their confrontations, at least she seems sincere and the ideas she promotes, are in the country’s interest.  Perhaps, she wouldn’t be a good President but she wouldn’t destroy this country either. I believe that this country must be led by a pro-european President, whatever the case may be.”

He also said that nominating a common candidate is not a threat for Marian Lupu, and that Nastase’s withdrawal from the campaign was predictable and logical. 

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