Promo-LEX Association released a report on Observation of Current Presidential Elections of 30 October 2016. According to it, several violations were revealed, including: use of administrative resources, offering gifts during election campaigns, activities of denigration and black PR, collecting signatures by unauthorized persons and failure to declare actual costs.

At the same time, the association expressed its concern regarding the delayed approval of amendments to the Criminal Code with regard to bribing the voters in the presidential election, which may impede the liability and punishment of people who will allow such crimes. In this context, the Mission found 10 cases of offering electoral gifts, 5 with representatives of Democrats and 5 with the Socialists.

Promo-Lex reiterated the problem of deceased persons in the voters’ registers (found in 6 locations), but also lack of correspondences between the voters’ addresses in the register and in the identity card (in seven municipalities).

A major problem identified by the association is the use of administrative resources in the promotion of a candidate or a potential candidate. According to the report, representatives of I and II levels of the Local Administration were actively involved in collecting signatures and organization of meetings with citizens in political and electoral campaigns during their working hours.

According to the findings of the association, there were at least 20 cases of use of administrative resources: by Democrats - 13 cases; Socialists - 3 cases; Our party - 1 case; Ravnopravie movement - 1 case; Popular European Party - 1 case and independent candidate Vasile Tarlev - 1 case.

The association also found that people who were not registered as members of the initiative groups were involved in the collection of signatures in support of at least 12 candidates. Such cases were reported in the following candidates: Mihai Ghimpu, Andrei Nastase, Marian Lupu, Iurie Leanca, Igor Dodon, Maia Sandu, Inna Popenco, Valeriu Ghileţchi, Ciubasenco Dmitrii, Vasile Tarlev, Vitalia Pavlicenco and Silvia Radu.

Electoral activities are also among the deficiencies noticed. Thus, at least 32 activities of electoral nature were found: Iurie Leanca (4 activities), Dmitrii Ciubasenco (6 activities), Marian Lupu (7 activities), Igor Dodon (5 activities), Andrei Nastase (4 activities), Maia Sandu (2 activities), Mihai Ghimpu (2 activities), Artur Croitor (1 activity), Vadim Brinzan (1 activity).

With regard to the financial statements, Promo-Lex noted that of the 24 initiative groups that collected signatures, only 11 submitted financial reports, but they might be questionable, as well. According to the association, not a single initiative group submitted the actual list of expenses for advertisements on their online platforms.

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