Vladimir Voronin, President of the Communist Party, asked the Central Election Commission (CEC) to exclude the candidate Mihai Ghimpu from the election race, deschide.md writes.

Voronin believes that Ghimpu's launch in Iasi, on 2 October is an action that violated several provisions of the Constitution and the Penal Code.

"He said that Moldova's independence has become a luxury which we, Moldovans, cannot afford. He said that in 2019, the Moldovan Parliament would vote on the document of unification of Moldova and Romania. Moreover, he said he does not want to be the President of the Republic of Moldova because this position must be passed over to Bucharest," the source quotes the statement, sent by the press service of the Communist Party.

Additionally, the CPRM leader said he would send several requests to the General Prosecutor’s Office, Security and Intelligence Service and Legal Committee of the Parliament with respect to the LP leader's behavior.

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