The candidates Igor Dodon, Mariand Lupu and ASP’s candidate Maia Sandu were invited to the first election debate at ProTV TV station. Only Sandu came to the debate while Lupu was represented by Sergiu Sarbu and Dodon was represented by Ion Ceban.

Sandu was a little puzzled by the absence of the other two candidates.

Maia Sandu asked Sarbu why Lupu didn’t come to the debate: “Why didn’t he come to the debate, is he ashamed to show up in front of the citizens ?” Sergiu Sarbu said: “ He will come. He is actually meeting with citizens and doesn’t take politics to Facesbook like you do.” The democrat said that the real threat for Moldova is an anti-European President such as Dodon, and that only Marian Lupu will be able to make it to the second round of election.

The socialist Ceban was also throwing some shade at Maia Sandu, criticizing her. He said: “You know how to take selfies with the crowd and how to count your voters in pictures. I don’t consider it normal to vote for stealing the billion and then pretend like everything is fine. You spoke about eliminating Igor Dodon from the election, but why not eliminate Marian Lupu? The only politician that has a real and clear plan is Igor Dodon”.

After the debate was over, Maia Sandu wrote on her Facebook page that: “Dodon and Lupu are cowards. They send their little soldiers to the debate, who were competing in telling lies. If their bosses, Dodon and Lupu, are afraid of me or afraid to come and speak in from of the people, then how could they possible represent them? It seems like Dodon and Lupu are missing something, and they don’t seem to understand what they’re missing, but it would be great for them to have it.” 

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