The president of ASP, Maia Sandu, held a briefing, where she said that according to the surveys, she is the one that has accumulated the most votes and the one that could defeat Igor Dodon.

"It is the most debatable topic of the campaign, people expect a decision and the polls show that I can beat Dodon, who is supported by Plahotniuc. I received the results of the 2nd survey, the data show that I will gather most of the votes in the First round and I am most likely to beat Dodon in the second round. The parties will convene and decide."

The leader of SAP also said that, "The three parties discussed supporting my candidacy for the Presidency. I thank the partners of the three parties, especially the colleagues from the DTPP. It takes a lot of love for the country to take such a decision. Your efforts will not vanish, you have my word. I’m addressing the citizens - we are on your side."

Maia Sandu and the leader of DTPP, Andrei Nastase, said in a Facebook post that they promise to go along, "We have important things to do and we believe that only together we can succeed."

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