The Court of Appeal rejected today in a public hearing, the application submitted by representatives of the Platform DA Party, on the CEC decision on canceling the registration of DP candidate, Marian Lupu in the presidential race, declaring it unfounded.

Platform representatives may appeal the decision in the Supreme Court of Justice.

We remind that the application of summoning the Central Election Commission to Court, as defendant, and Marian Lupu, as intervener, has been filed by the DA Platform to the Court of Appeal on 13 September. Dignity and Truth Platform members applied for the cancelation of the CEC decision on registration of DP candidate, Marian Lupu as president and withdrawal of documents submitted by the initiative group.

DA representatives mention then that the CEC violated the law by registering Lupu's candidacy on a Saturday, when the regulation provides that a candidate can be registered only from Monday to Friday, repeated pleas at the hearing.

Meanwhile, after the hearing, the defendant's lawyer said that Andrei Nastase was registred on Sunday and the arguments were mere speculation.

Alexander Suslari, the DA representative, said he disagrees with the decision since they submitted several legislative violations. Suslari also said that justice is selective and that they would appeal the court's decision, and Lupu will be excluded from the race by the voters.

During the hearing, in front of the Court of Appeal, dozens of PPDA supporters chanted slogans against Marian Lupu.

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