The period of presidential election, set for October 30, 2016 will start on 31 August 2016. A decision to this effect was approved on July 29 by the Parliament.

The MPs amended the decision no. 55 of April 1, 2016 which, at the stage of adoption, entered into force on 30 July 2016. We note that this decision comes after the amendments to the Electoral Code governing the new conditions for organizing and conducting the elections of the President of the Republic of Moldova, communicates

The Central Election Commission is to develop and approve the calendar program, which is a structured document and includes the actions to be taken during the electoral period and the deadlines for their achievement, based on the skills of their main subjects involved in the electoral process.

We remind that on March 4, 2016 the Constitutional Court issued a decision on the return to the pre-2000 Article 78 of the Constitution, which established the election of the Moldovan president by universal, equal, direct and secret suffrage.

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