Today, September 30, 2016, begins the electoral campaign for the candidates registered at the Central Election Commission.

Eight competitors can already start campaigning. Others, on the ground that the documents were filed just yesterday, and the Commission should examine the documents, as required by law, within 7 days after submission to verify petitions submitted and decide on registration or refusal of registration of these candidates.

If the rest of the candidates will be registered, the ballot will look like this:

1. Marian Lupu (DPM)

2. Mihai Ghimpu (LP)

3. Iurie Leanca (EPPM)

4. Andrei Nastase (PPDA)

5. Inna Popenco (MSP "Ravnopravie")

6. Dmitrie Ciubaşenco (OPPP)

7. Maia Sandu (PAS)

8. Igor Dodon (SPRM)

9. Vitalia Pavlicenco (independent candidate)

10. Silvia Radu (independent candidate)

11. Maia Laguta (independent candidate)

12. Ana Gutu (the party "Dreapta")

13. Roman Mihăeş (independent candidate)

14. Ion Dron (independent candidate)

15. Vasile Tarlev (independent candidate)

16. Valeriu Ghileţchi (independent candidate)

Presidential elections will take place on October 30, 2016.

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