Even though the campaign starts on 30 September and those who claim the presidency can start campaigning only since then, the panels of candidates can already be seen in several cities.

Realitatea.md writes that CEC chairman Alina Russu said that "apparently, it is a part of party activity to be carried out throughout the year." It's another matter that they had recently appeared, and "no law expressly defines these activities".

"Apparently, they do not fall under the electoral activity. What is happening now is part of the promotion of partisan and we will pursue it to be reflected in the activity report of the party for the second half of 2016, which will be submitted to the Central Election Commission early next year," said Alina Russu for the source.

Russu, urges candidates to refrain from campaigning until 30 September, and to examine the legality of installing the panels at a meeting of the Central Election Commission, it requires a referral.

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panou electoral 3.JPGsursa foto: realitatea.md

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