On CEC's page was published the Report on cash flow of the initiative group created by SPRM to collect signatures to support Igor Dodon's candidature as president of Moldova. According to the report, the party has spent about MDL 300 thousand for this process.

Out of MDL 292.571, coming from donations from individuals, MDL 267.140 were spent on advertising campaign: TV - MDL 165.927, electronic media - MDL 34.703, the press - MDL 15 thousand and panels - MDL 51.510.

Other MDL 10.500 were spent on promotional materials and MDL 9.700 for transport. The group also indicated expenses of MDL 754 for banking services and MDL 4476 for office supplies.

However, the report indicated donations in goods (6 tents), amounting to MDL 6.000, made by Alexandr Melniciuc and Pavaloi Dorin.

The MDL 292.571 were donated, according to the report, by 60 individuals between 6-15 of September. The highest amount donated was MDL 5.000. The list of donors can be seen here.

Remember that SPRM candidate Igor Dodon said he collected 500 thousand signatures in his support from 22 districts, and filed to the CEC, 25 thousand signatures.

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