The results of the other two surveys were presented on 12 October. This time again, the respondents favor the Socialist leader, Maia Sandu and Marian Lupu.

According to the survey data, offered by the Center for Sociological Research, Igor Dodon with 28.5% leads the ranking; the leader of Action and Solidarity Party, Maia Sandu, who obtained 15.9% follows him.

According to the survey, the Democrat Marian Lupu obtained 7%, Andrei Nastase - 6%, the candidate of Our Party - 4% and Iurie Leanca - 3%.

In another survey, conducted by Intellect Group Company, Igor Dodon leads the ranking with 33.5%, followed by the Democrat Marian Lupu, who obtained 12.7%. We note that it is the first time that Lupu is the second in the top.

In the same survey, Andrei Nastase obtained 12.1% and is followed by Maia Sandu with 11.5%. Iurie Leanca - 7%, Dumitru Ciubasenco - 4.4% and the leader of the Liberal Party, Mihai Ghimpu, - 1.4%

It should be noted that in the previous surveys, the leader of the SPRM accumulated a considerable score and enjoyed the best chances in the presidential race. 

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