Moldovan-born American businessman, Vadim Brînzan, who returned to Moldova to run for president says that the US authorities are investigating the bank fraud in Moldova.

The statement was made during "Interpol" show, on the television station TV 7.

"From the moment there appears an independent prosecutor, magistrate, it takes at least three people to speak, to find out details. Those who have been convicted of the offense committed, must serve their time, if not, they should be investigated outside politics. But the answer will come from the US Government. This will happen sooner or later, when the US will come up with an answer. There is a US investigation of the theft of the money from Moldova", said the businessman.

Vadim Brinzan explains the interest of the Americans for the billions theft investigation by the alleged involvment of a US bank: "American Justice triumphs in the US. The theft of the billion of local banks falls under US law because it involved a US bank. They will take care of money laundering, which was done on their territory. "

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Although he is convinced that the culprits will be punished for embezzlement of the banking system, Brînzan is less optimistic about the recovery of money.

"I'm sure it is known who was behind these businesses and they will be held accountable. But the amount can not be fully recovered. If the money went to offshore, the track would disappear. You can call the bank and say that I have a billion and I want to pick it up in gold, then go ahead and deposit it at the bank next door and you lose track" said Brînzan.

Business School graduate from Harvard, Vadim Brînzan has held several important positions in prestigious banks in the United States in 2014 and is the founder and main partner of investment company Logos Advisors based in Miami.

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