Vasile Tarlev, an independent claimant to the Presidency of the Republic of Moldova, whose candidacy was rejected by the CEC, held a press conference and announced that he would challenge the decision of the Central Electoral Commission.

The former prime minister says, "What happened on October 6, made my team and me ask ourselves what game is being played with us, what message they are trying to convey, when people are deprived of the right to participate in free elections. Our lawyers are examining the documents and we will address the court to find justice."

"On October 6, we witnessed an infringement. The CEC forbade me to run for presidency because some of the documents did not comply with the legislation and some irregularities were revealed. I submitted all the documents to the CEC. After their verification, they confirmed that all of them complied with the requirements. What happened on October 6 is a game," Tarlev said.

It should be noted that Roman Mihaies and Vitalia Pavlicenco accused the CEC of the same illegal decisions. This is the third case, in which the Central Election Commission is being sued.

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