Three smuggle attempts of alcohol and cigarettes have been registered in the last 48 hours. The smuggled products were supposed to be sold illegally abroad.

The first smuggle attempt was registered on October 22nd of this year by Palanca customs officers, who found 129 bottles of cognac produced in Moldova, worth about 12 thousand lei. The bottles were not declared to the customs as the law suggests. They were hidden in the salon of a bus travelling from Chisinau to Belgorod (Russian Federation). According to the preliminary investigations, the cargo belongs to the two  bus drivers, aged 50 and 58 years old.


The other two cases were registered at Giurgiulesti and Tudora.  The customs officers found and confiscated 26 460 cigarettes of various brands with excise stamps of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, in two passenger busses. They were to be sold in Europe, for an estimated profit of about 4000 euros.


All identified cargo were detained and sent to specialized subdivisions of the Customs Service for further investigation.

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