The arrests in the illegal deforestation of the forest from Ivanca village, Fălești district are continuing. 5 other state officials were arrested in Balti after two other businessmen accused by the prosecutors of illegal deforestation 9 hectares of forest and building a waterbed and two access roads were arrested two weeks ago in Balti.

The director of the Forestry Organization from Balti, two rangers, an engineer and an inspector from the State Ecological Inspectorate Falesti, Oleg Juc were arrested in the same file. The officials are suspected of negligence shown by insufficient control of the tenants of the 9 hectares of forest, and of abuse of office, by not filing the necessary proceedings.

The five persons are currently in isolation, being detained for 72 hours. Two criminal cases were opened on their names – for negligence and abuse of office, and if they are found guilty, they face up to six years in prison.

The case is managed but the Northern General Directorate of the NAC, and the criminal investigation is carried out under the supervision of the Anticorruption Prosecution.

Please, note that the two businessmen from Balti are father and son, Sergiu and Andrei Cazachevici. One of the companies managed by them, Autoaura Ltd., leased 28 hectares of forest from Ivanovca village, Falesti district for a period of 49 years for hunting purposes. According to the contract signed between the company and Moldsilva Agency, the tenants were to provide security and forest regeneration, to capitalize on the wood, cutting it for care purpose only, increase livestock and rationally exploit the forest reserves.

Since June of 2016, the businessmen together with other individuals, contrary to contractual stipulations, performed construction works of a waterbed and two access roads to it.

The anticorruption officers suspect that the environmental inspectors were taking bribes to cover the transgressions committed by the administrators of Autoaura Ltd.

Their relatives claim that the two families involved had spent tens of thousands of euros for arranging the territory and the one million lei financial damage, alleged by the prosecutors, is exaggerated. The Cazachevici family does not exclude the fact that they will pursue to take over the business, since the water basin was totally rebuilt, also two access roads to it and a power line.

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