The spouses Radu and Victoria Ciorici, who for months refused to leave a rented house, although their contract expired, claim to have been deceived due to their naivety and in their view, most tenants in Chisinau face such problems. The statements were made in the Courthouse of Buiucani district, where the case was filed at the request of the landlord.

"We fell into a trap. Just like almost everyone who rents a house. I urge all of you, when you rent a place, be very attentive to the contract you sign," Radu Ciorici said. "I was too naive. It would enormously tarnish our image," Victoria Ciorici said.

Buiucani District Court of Chisinau postponed the case, because the Ciorici family filed an application against the owner of the building, requesting reimbursement of the costs for repair works.

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