A group of four current and former officials from the Nisporeni City Hall, members and close associates of the DPM, seized a land owned by the public in 2015, which they shared with each other. Some of the land was returned to an economic agent, which is said to be one of the DPM sponsors.

This is a land on which bosquets, grass and trees are planted near Nisporeni's central store.



One of the beneficiaries is the new Minister of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, Vasile Bîtcă, formerly deputy mayor of Nisporeni, and from 2011 until 2015, president of Nisporeni district.

Vasile Bîtcă.jpg

Vasile Bîtcă came into possession of the 0.009 ha land on November 13, 2015, and shortly on 4 December 2015, Vasile Bîtcă sold the land.

Another lot, the same as the surface of 0.009 ha, was given to Simion Stici, former and current local councilor from DPM, chairman of the budget and finance commission of the Nisporeni City Council. Like Vasile Bîtca, Simion Stici took possession of the land in November of 2015, but sold it later in April of 2017.

Nor was the former deputy mayor of Nisporeni, DPM local councilor, Victor Tulbure, left aside. The local elector took possession of the land of 0.009 ha in June of 2015, then, in March of 2016, sold it.

Another land, with the same surface, was returned in June 2016 to Eduard Ilco, who had been employed for several years in the Nisporeni City Hall as a land engineer.

Eduard Ilco.jpg

Unlike the first three, Ilco did not sell the land.

Likewise, Raisa Micaliuc, a business woman from Nisporeni, who owns several commercial units in the locality did not sold the land. The woman was the first recipient of the lot on the land in question, based on a sale-purchase agreement in May 2015, just before the local elections. Several residents of Nisporeni say that Raisa Micaliuc was one of the main sponsors of the DPM at the 2015 local elections.

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