portal writes that employees of Dairy Factory Cahul, said that the day the DPM took petitions from the Central Election Commission, the Factory was convened in a meeting of workers in which they were asked to present their identity cards.

The factory is run by DP representatives, Ludmila Antohi, which according to the employees constantly threatens with resignation: "We were informed to come to the meeting, and to have the identification documents with us. I signed some lists but I do not know what they were," said an employee for Moldova Curata. Moreover, no person would oppose the signature, being afraid to be put out of service.

Statements of the employees come after Democratic President, Marian Lupu, announced on 3 September that thanks to the mobilization that the party showed, from the first day when the CEC list were taken, were gathered the sufficient number of signatures.

Factory director, Ludmila Antohi denied that she mobilized employees to collect signatures. "I did not understand anything. What meeting? I have not done any gathering. It is not true, "said Ludmila Antohi to Moldova Curata.

Previously the President of Solidarity and Action Party, Maia Sandu said at a press conference that the office had received many messages as Democrats would have resorted to illegal methods of accumulating signatures.

At the same time, the Platform Dignity and Truth, filed at the Court of Appeal an application for summoning to court of the Central Election Commission and Marian Lupu, for infringement of the law with the registration of the application of DP representative, on a Saturday, while Regulation provides that a candidate can be registered only from Monday to Friday.

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