A new hearing in the Petrenco group case was postponed, writes unimedia.info. The examination of the case was postponed because lawyer Ana Ursachi, did not appear in court.

"Hearings are postponed due to artificial reasons of the defense Today Ana Ursachi was not present " said one of the prosecutors, quoted by Unimedia.

Meanwhile, Grigore Petrenco claims that Ursachi did not present on the grounds that she participated in the extraordinary meeting of the Lawyers Union.

"Ms. Ursachi did not come for a good reason, as she participated in the extraordinary meeting of the Lawyers Union. A year has passed since the preventive measure of arrest were applied, but according to the Constitutional Court, any preventive measure may not last more than a year. We require clarification in this case. It is a political case. Prosecutors have said that they will continue to meet the political indications. Popa prosecutor is subordinate to Plahotniuc. We have more than 30 witnesses in this case," said Grigore Petrenco, quoted by the source.

On the other hand, the prosecutor claims that the decision that Petrenco speaks about only provides preventive arrest and house arrest. "The defendants have none of these measures to which the Constitutional Court reffered," said the prosecutor.

The hearing was postponed to tomorrow, at 14:00.

We remind that Petrenco group representatives were arrested in September 2015 after the protests held in front of the General Prosecutor's Office , being accused of organizing mass disorder.

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