Adela Andronic, the judge who threatened Moldova's membership in the Green Card International System does not want to resign.

Andronic challenged to the Supreme Court the decision of the Superior Council of Magistracy that proposed to the president her dismissal, insisting that she acted correctly.

Even if the magistrate pleads innocent, she did not attend the meeting yesterday. Her lawyers filed a petition, requesting adjournment of the appeal. Meanwhile, the representatives of the Superior Council of Magistracy din not come either, asking to examine the case in their absence. The panel of judges rejected the request of the latter and insisted on the presence of the parties in the courtroom on 29 August, when there will be a new session, writes.

Recall that on 18 May this year, the Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM) decided to submit President Nicolae Timofti the proposal for dismissal of the magistrate. The decision was taken when the minister of Justice Vladimir Cebotari, officio member of the SCM, and the National Bureau of Motor Insurers (BNAA) filed a complaint to the Disciplinary Board of Judges, requesting to consider discipline sanctions for Adela Andronic from Central District Court.

In her defense, Andronic says: "I think I don’t deserve to be punished. I analyzed many of the Court of Appeal decisions on similar cases and I can tell you that different decisions were taken. There is no unique practice in this respect, "she said.

Adela Andronic took possession of judge mandate in June 2004, and in 2009, she was appointed judge before reaching the age requirement. 

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