On the occasion of celebrating two years of the web page www.avere.md the Association for Participatory Democracy "ADEPT" released the report "The wealth declaration - integrity test". According to the report, the most common irregularities at the chapter on completing the wealth declarations are admitted by judges and MPs, who do not always state the amount of the owned real estate and / or movable property or declare it with deviations (reductions, inconsistencies etc).

The conclusion was made based on monitoring 245 officials (of which 186 while on duty) during 2014. The report's authors identified 82 cases in which the civil servant have failed to indicate the value of land plots, apartments, houses or cars owned in their declarations of assets.

The representatives of ADEPT mentioned that major irregularities were found in respect of non-declaration by officials of bank accounts - 55 cases; reduction of the value of the declared goods - 25 cases; inconsistencies between the declaration of assets and the declaration of interests (in terms of declaring their share in the joint stock companies) - 23 cases.

The ADEPT report also endorsed the activity of the NIC, particularly in terms of managing and publishing the declarations on income, property and interests.

Among the main irregularities the ADEPT expert Elena Prohniţchi listed the following: delayed publication of declarations on the website of the NIC, unqualified processing of statements (blurring of public data - eg. the name or address of the company, important information for investigative journalists in establishing conflict of interest), non-publication of statements of the NIC members, etc. In addition, the experts have criticized the recent decisions of the NIC (the judge Pitic).

The ADEPT experts assume that the 2015 statements of assets will not appear on the NIC web site, as the institution has not contract another company to handle the placement of statements yet. In the last two years, they were placed by the State Enterprise Fiscservinform. The statements for 2015 could be made public only at the end of the current year.

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