As ZDG has written several articles that targeted Adriana Betisor, she is angry and intends to call to court the editorial board. writes that Betisor, through her lawyer, requests the denial of the publication about "the exorbitant cost of building, targeted in the title of the article" and "removal of the photo of the background of the building, which is an object of investigation and an extract from the online Register of Real Estate", following the publication of ZDG that  revealed that her family bought and constructed a million -worth building on the outskirts of Chisinau. Otherwise, the prosecutor claims, she will call the newspaper to court to "request mandatory financial remedies". "Protection of honor, dignity, or professional reputation cannot prevail over the public freedom to receive information of public interest," the lawyer Tatiana Puiu claims with reference to this issue.

"We believe that the weekly investigative newspaper Ziarul de Garda carries out a virulent denigration campaign against Ms. Betisor Adriana (a person holding a respectable sociable and professional position in the prosecution office), seriously affecting her non-patrimonial rights", says the preliminary request. "In connection with the abundance of information that had been purposefully distorted, criticism at the address of her person, and excessive interest that the publication lately manifested for Ms. Betisor Adriana, ZdG interfered with her ​​private space. We cannot help noticing that the wave of publications, targeting Ms. Betisor, is part of a concept of intentional defamation, aimed at affecting the credibility of her professional activity  through distortion of aspects of her private life, given that she examines one of the most notorious conviction of a state official for corruption that Moldova has ever known," Adriana  Betisor says in her letter.

Please note that the Ziarul de Gaarda wrote about the house, belonging to the family of Betisor that is worth at least 100 thousand euros, about the acquisitions of the prosecutor in 2015, as well as about her wealth and property.

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