The last article regarding the Stati family is about affairs in Republic of Moldova.

The Stati family is known as the richest one in Moldova. A number of businesses and property are not only directly owned by the members of the family, but also by offshore companies.

wpid-stati1.jpgIn 1994 Anatolie Stati has founded a financial group Ascom Grup with a social capital in amount of 4 million leis and over 20 lands and offices as property. The vice-president of Ascom Grup is his son - Gabriel Stati.

The head office of Ascom Grup is a villa worth around 70 million leis. It's owned by joint company Novitas which is founded by the members of the family (Anatolie, Larisa and Gabriel Stati).    

Several famous figures took part in Ascom: Iurie Leanca, ex-premier, Eugen Carpov - ex-vice-premier, and Anatol Salaru - current Minister of Defence.

In Republic of Moldova Anatoli Stati is as well associated with company Adamant LLC. He also conducts the Representative Office of East-West International, Luxembourg. In 2014 East-West International purchased a number of real estate on territory of "Stati Castle" in Trusheni. In Truseni it also owns over 1000 of land property.

Larisa Stati, the spouse of Anatolie Stati, has a 40% interest in Sand Explorer LLC, which is focused of sand mining and bottling of mineral and  natural spring water.  

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Gabriel Stati (the son) apart from status of vice-president in Ascom also holds interests in the following companies: Stati Oil (100%) and Stati&Company (100%), security agency Gast-Grup (99%), Pronationalsport Agency (90%), GI-Marketing LLC (100%) and the printing house „PRAG-3″ (30%).

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Via offshore company Hanwell Group LTD situated on British Virgin Island Gabriel founded a company named Stal-Petrol with social capital in amount of 40 million leis in Chisinau. Stal-Petrol also owns a number of real estate across Moldova. 

In 2010 Stati Junior was proposed as an individual candidate in parliamentary election, though earlier he made a declaration during one interview: "We have a deal with father: we tamper with politics. We gave each other a promise to stay out of political business". Nevertheless, Gabriel Stati didn't manage to become a member of parliament due to lack of electorial voices.

He was married on daughter of a PD delegate Dumitru Diacov - Natalia.

Nicoleta Stati (the daughter) owns an advertising company Nicomedia LLC. She is a painter, headmistress of Vieru Academy Art Lyceum and founder of the Academy of Arts "Stati Art". In 2011 she invited Saif Gaddafi, the son of Lebanese ex-dictator, to Chisinau to take part in an art exhibition. The following figures also took part in this exhibition: Vlad Filat, Iurie Leanca, Eugen Carpov, Dumitru Diacov, Corina Fusu, Renato Usatii, Dina Ghimpu and others. 

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Dumitru Stati (the grandson, son of Nicoleta Stati) in 2014 being 14 years old became an owner of "Stati's Castle" via Vila Demetra LLC which is in his exclusive ownership.

"Stati's Castle", truseni\Image source:

The members of family didn't comment the results of investigation.
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