A municipal enterprise which deals with the sale of weapons and ammunition is targeted by municipal authorities, following an audit undertaken by the Court of Accounts. At the meeting yesterday, July 25, the councilors led by the mayor mentioned that they just learned of its existence and ordered a service investigation to be initiated.

The municipal enterprise "Baikal-Arm" was founded by a decision of the Municipality Council in 2003. According to the State Tax Inspectorate, during 13 years it did not present any activity report, thus it got on the offenders list.
„According to the status of the municipal enterprise it will deal with the import, export and sale of weapons and ammunition. There have not been presented any activity reports of the enterprise since its registration and so far at the City Hall", said Veronica Herta, the head of the Finance Department of Chisinau City Hall.

The mayor of the capital, Dorin Chirtoacă, was outraged by the situation.  

„I find it impossible for a municipal enterprise to operate, and for us to know nothing. Either it would have been reorganized into a limited liability company, or at least it would have come for an authorization. There is no provision in the law allowing this activity”. 

The audit report will be discussed Tuesday, July 26, at the session of the Court of Auditors.

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