The frauds in the Moldovan banking system could be investigated in the United States. According to, on July, 22 the National Anti-Corruption Centre (NAC) and the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) would have received an official letter from the American law company "Frontier Solutions” in this regard. 

The company that makes the letter is the one that invited the former deputy chief of the NAC Division on Preventing and Combating Money Laundering - Mihail Gofman in US for advice on the fight against corruption at international level. 

In the document published by, NAC and PGO are urged to ensure that Gofman is not harassed or intimidated. The company also informs the Chisinau authorities that those mentioned in the investigation could take some measures to prevent Gofman to work with US institutions. According to the letter, the firm represents Mihail Gofman, in terms of his collaboration with officials from the law structures and the US Department of Justice. 

However, to date, none of the two public institutions have released any official statements, confirming this information, while the representatives of the Prosecutor General's Office said they did not receive the letter from the company "Frontier Solutions". Eduard Harunjen told he does not know about an investigation in the US, but supposes that the investigations started after last year Chisinau prosecutors sent a rogatory letter:

„ I have not been informed yet about the initiation of an investigation. We actually cooperate with US services on bank fraud. I sent rogatory letters; we made several joint working sessions. I suspect that the investigation could be started on the basis of the rogatory letters that were sent last year. When the authorities of different states receive a rogatory letter and are asked to do some action, they initiate their own investigation as this is the only way for them to withdraw certain documents, perform various hearings, etc.”

The former head of the Division on Preventing Money Laundering and Transactions Monitoring of the Social Bank, Sergiu Sagaidac, which also made several disclosures about the bank fraud, wrote on his Facebook page that the letter was supposed to be made public today, July 25. 

We remind that Mihail Gofman made several public statements on bank robbery, noting that the main beneficiaries are Vladimir Plahotniuc, Vladimir Filat and Ilan Shor, while the robbery coordinator would be Sergei Iaralov, a businessman from Plahotniuc‘s entourage. 

Referring to Mihail Gofman during the press conference held today, the head of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office, Viorel Morari said the information that appeared in the press last week regarding Gofman‘s return from the US was not confirmed. Morari also said that Gofman will be warned of criminal liability if he refuses to testify or if his words would prove to be a slanderous denunciation. The head of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Ofice said Gofman's statements are important, but the prosecution cannot be driven by them as long as they are not confirmed by Gofman’s signature.

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