Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office is investigating the statements made by the Deputy Mayor of Chisinau Vlad Cotet. In a video recording made by the reporters of CrimeMoldova, the official intimates that the mayor Dorin Chirtoaca and his deputy, Nistor Grozavu, took fees for fixed auctions.

Asked by CrimeMoldova, Viorel Morari, Head of Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office, said that Cotet’s statements are considered in two respects. "Cotet did not make such statements, while being under criminal investigation. We’re considering two versions: either Cotet holds true information, or Cotet tries to defend himself by blaming others, "the official said.

Viorel Morari believes the investigations could be lasting. At the same time, the head of Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office says that neither Chirtoaca nor Grozavu has a procedural status in criminal cases of corruption, which does not mean that they  could not be subjects of investigation, "I neither deny nor confirm this. Anyone can be under investigation, but that does not mean the person has any status in a criminal case," Morari added.

Recall that in the video recording made with a hidden camera by reporters of CrimeMoldova, Vlad Cotet said about Dorin Chirtoaca and Nistor Grozavu, "... they take some solid "kickback" (fees), I was not even a member of any tender commission. They made a dirty trick to me, it’s a trap.

Previously contacted by CrimeMoldova, Nistor Grozavu denied Cotet’s accusations in his address, while Chirtoaca refused to comment.

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