NAC and Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office carried out more searches at the Tudora and Palanca customs but also in the homes of the border officers.

The information has been confirmed for, by the head of press service of the NAC, Angela Starinschi. "The operation took place in Tudora and Palanca customs. I can not offer more details at the moment, the action is in progress, there are two searches in both customs and in the homes of several customs officials," she said.

Now, the two customs posts are closed by investigators and no one can cross the border.

So far five border officers were detained, but the action is in progress. writes that it is likely that a large number of border officers present in the two border crossings, will be detained today by anti-corruption prosecutors.

Update 9:39- Eight border officers were detained in a passive corruption case.

In a press release, the Customs Service noted the actions taken today by NAC and the anticorruption prosecutors and the detention of several employees of the institution. Today's action is based on an operative information and material provided by the Department of Homeland Security of Customs Service, said the statement.

Customs Service shows their regret on extending the waiting times in the two border crossing points caused by the objective situation.

"Regarding the investigation initiated by the investigators, we abstain from any comment until operations will be fully completed today and we will have official statements from the investigators' institution communicated."

Update 11: 00- NAC and the Corruption Prosecution Office arrested 15 customs officers. The information was confirmed by he tpress officers of NAC. They were detained for 72 hours.

Update 14: 20- Bender Customs Bureau Chief with 20 customs officers in the NAC prison for 72 hours.

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