The new retrial of the former deputy Andrei Bastovoi was delayed because the lawyer Turcan was not present in court and did not present any reasons for his absence. The Chisinau Court of Appeal renewed the case of the former vice president of Ascom Group, Andrei Baştovoi, and his son, Valentin Baştovoi, when in December 2015 it quashed the sentence and decided on retrial.

Andrei Baştovoi, Member of the first Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and signer of the Declaration of Independence, was sentenced in 2013 by the Buiucani District Court of Chisinau to nine years of imprisonment for alleged embezzlement during his vice -presidency of Ascom Group, and for having ordered a double murder. In the same case, his son, Valentin Bastovoi, was sentenced to a term of 8 years.

Several opinion leaders believe that the case was framed-up.  Earlier, a group of experts from Bucharest concluded that the Moldovan judiciary admitted several omissions in the case of Andrei Bastovoi and condemned the businessman in the absence of clear evidence. According to the Romanian experts, the Moldovan judges did not allow the lawyers to present evidence in the defense of Andrei Bastovoi, and considered only those of the prosecution.

"The verdict of the first instance is scary. There was no certain and clear evidence in the case, stating that Bastovoi Andrei and Bastovoi Valentin intended to commit embezzlement and order a double murder. It is legally inadmissible that the judicial authorities did not allow the consideration of any evidence in defense of the two accused, although they constantly requested examination of witnesses, seizure of documents, revealing all conversations, stored on the company server," the lawyers from Bucharest concluded.

Judge Liuba Pruteanu from Buiucani District Court of Chisinau had a dissenting opinion, stating that Andrei Bastovoi and his son should be acquitted.

For many years, Andrei Bastovoi had been the vice president of ASCOM Group, being the general coordinator for East Africa. He had previously coordinated projects of ASCOM Group in Turkmenistan, Peru, Kazakhstan and East Africa. He is a specialized engineer, graduate of the Academy of Economics of the Russian Federation.

His lawyer, Zadoinov Roman, submitted seven applications to the ECHR, claiming multiple violations of Andrei and Valentin Bastovoi’s rights. In July 2015, the European Court examined the complaint with regard to their detention conditions and ruled out in favor of Bastovoi. 

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