Two luxury cars bought in Germany with hundreds of thousands of euro, became the property of two people associated with Veaceslav Platon: Elina Cobaleva (his ex-wife) and Vitaly Mikhailov (intermediary person). The cars were purchased with money from the "Russian Laundromat," writes

The money used to purchase the cars descended from a court order issued by Valeriu Gâscă, according to which, a ghost company -Valemont Properties LTD was to collect 400 million euros for an alleged debt.

After receiving the last installment of this amount, on September 7, 2012, Valemont Properties LTD transferred 250 980 EUR to the German company Fa. Sviridov Kneippstrae, for automotive equipment. Two Bentley, Continental GT V8 model, purchased in Germany, were imported in Moldova in less than three months.

In certificates for import of cars it was stated the information indicated in the payment transfer made by the German company, Valemont Properties LTD, and the owners appear to be Elina Cobaleva and Vitaly Mikhailov.


Elina Cobaleva married Veaceslav Platon in 2001 and officially divorced him in 2014. In July of 2016, when Platon was detained in Kiev, the police discovered a fake Ukrainian passport on the name of Vyacheslav Cobalev - similar to the name of Elina Cobaleva.

The other owner of Bentley car, Vitaly Mikhailov is originally from the same village as Platon - Causeni.


Vitalie Mihailov. Source:

According Mihailov also appear as an associate and director of Pinar-Com Ltd, a Moldovan company engaged in various financial schemes and million disputes connected to ghost and offshore companies.

Mikhailov also appears as a representative, in a power of attorney issued on the name of the offshore company Business Jet Limited, a company registered in the Bahamas, which holds shares in Moldinconbank. In 2009, the company changed the country of residence from the Bahamas to Ukraine.

Veaceslav Platon is among the associates of Business Jet Limited, holding 3.76% stake in Moldinconbank through this company. 

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