An organized criminal group, consisting of Moldovan and Turkish citizens, representatives and intermediaries of the platform, would have committed scams with the money collected on the platform for children and seriously ill persons.

According to an investigation carried out by Rise Moldova, the representatives of the charity platform identified seriously ill children in the country, for whom they collect massive amounts of money through social networks, and later required them to accept medical services at a clinic in Istanbul, where the surgery is only simulated, which would be paid out of donated money.

Thus, according to the authors, the charity project is not exclusively philanthropic. The telephone records between Moldovan representatives of the hospital in Turkey, obtained by journalists, show that the project is a business in which each actor defends his financial interests: one requires commission, another salary increase, another patient with money, and another advertising from which they can get money.

The investigation presents the stories of some victims, who say that after undergoing treatment in Turkey and being told that the children were healed, they felt bad again. Moreover, in the hospital where they were directed, the families did not receive any documents at discharge.

At the same time, the authors learned that in this case, as early as December 2016, the Prosecutor's Office for Combating Organized Crime and Special Causes initiated a criminal case for the scam committed in particularly large amount by an organized criminal group, consisting of citizens of the Republic of Moldova and of Turkey.

After the announcement of the publication, the photograph of the journalist who conducted the investigation with the message "We ask for help" was posted on the page.


On the journalist's page, several messages of appreciation for the released material have been published by other colleagues.

On the other hand, the platform representatives deny accusations and say they have nothing to gain from the project, and sometimes they are at a loss. On the facebook page of the co-founder of the platform, Svetlana Sainsus, several messages of encouragement and thanks were posted, where several platform beneficiaries said they had saved their children because of the project.

The site is owned by "Sfantul Gheorghe" Charity Foundation, founded by Sergiu Diaconu, who has business in the field of advertising and entertainment, and by Alexandru Rusnac, who has business in the field of information technologies. The latter would also be the main investor of the foundation.

The Executive Director of the Foundation is Dumitru Beschieru, a 25-year-old man who previously worked at the State Enterprise "Registru".

Since its launch, would have collected about 55 million lei from donations.

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