The leadership and members of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) declared their revenues and property in their income statements for 2016. Most of them did not have new acquisitions during the previous year, but instead had consistent incomes.

Thus, the CEC chairman, Alina Russu, elected in this position in June of 2016, declared a salary of more than 110,000 lei at the CEC and over 45,000 at the Parliament Secretariat, where she worked until she came to the CEC. Her husband, employed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, had a salary of over 75,000 lei and an entitlement of over 6500 euros. The two spouses also declared the income from the sale of a LLC (Novost) - 5400 lei and from the sale of a car - 220 thousand lei. Previously, Alina Russu declined to say to whom the LLC was sold.

In 2016, the CEC president came into possession of a comoded car. Its value is not indicated.

The vice-president of the CEC since June of 2016, Rodica Ciubotaru, declared a salary of over 130 thousand lei received from the institution, as well as salaries of over 5,000 lei, received from 5 companies. The vice-president of the CEC also declared a 50,000 lei income as material aid from CMC and over 5,000 lei CNAS pension for her minor child. The clerk did not declare any new purchases.

The  CEC secretary, Veaceslav Agrigoroae,  also appointed in June of 2016, declares a salary of over 120 thousand lei. The official does not declare any new income or acquisitions in 2016. In 2015, he came into possession of an apartment of over 300,000 lei, holding a quarter share.

The former CEC chairman Iurie Ciocan, who currently holds the position of a member of the institution, declares a salary of more than 220,000 lei, over 2000 lei obtained from didactic activity and 4,000 euros for electoral counseling outside the country. The official also indicated an income of 4,000 lei from the creation rights, obtained by his wife.

At the same time, Ciocan's wife obtained more than 160 thousand lei from privately owned dividends and over 95 thousand lei from the sale of an apartment (a quarter share).

The CEC member, Sergiu Gurduza, declared revenues of over 80 thousand lei (salary from the CEC), 76 thousand lei (salary of his wife as the Secretariat of the Parliament), 7500 lei (the interest obtained by his wife from a deposit at Mobiasbanca), 25 thousands lei (the wages of his wife from the Parliament Secretariat), 3,000 lei (master scholarship) and 600 dollars (diurnal).

Vladimir Sarban obtained from CEC a salary of over 60 thousand lei, and over 230 thousand lei he obtained while working within the President's Office. Sarban also declares the salary of his wife, employed at the Employment Agency, which amounted to more than 110 thousand lei. The two spouses also received over 100,000 lei of interest on financial deposits. Vladimir Sarban also benefited from an entitlement of over 17,000 lei from CEC, and his wife from a pension of over 60 thousand lei.

The CEC members Vasile Gafton, Andrei Volentir and Vadim Filipov did not declare their revenues for 2016.

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