Deputy Mayor Vlad Cotet accused of corruption in the city hall case, allegedly called his subordinates, including the Praetor of Buiucani District Valeriu Nemerenco, to convince them expedite the release of certain administrative documents in exchange for money. 

These details have been revealed today in the court session, where the Praetor of Buiucani, Valeriu Nemerenco, was heard as a witness.

The prosecutor, Eugen Balan, said that a case, in which the municipality had to grant permission for the construction of an annex to an apartment, was examined in the meeting:

"The praetor was asked to give an audience to a person, who was not even the owner of the apartment, and to submit a request to the Chisinau City Hall requiring a positive solution of annexation issue. Naturally, it aroused a reasonable suspicion of Mr. Cotet’s instructions "the prosecutor said, quoted by

Additionally, according to the prosecutor, the Deputy Mayor Cotet was accused of this part of the indictment since he accepted a so-called "sign of gratitude" from that person, but there is no reasonable suspicion that the praetor received a part of the offerings, given to Cotet.

The prosecutor also stated that other four officials of the City Hall would be heard as witnesses in the next court session.

The Deputy Mayor Cotet refused to comment on the allegations, arising from Nemerenco’s statements.

Recall that Chisinau City Hall officials and two intermediaries were detained on 25 May this year by the NAC officers on suspicion of passive corruption, nepotism, abuse of power and forgery of public documents.

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