An activist of Our Party Felix Grincu, was detained by the Chisinau prosecutors being suspected of extortion in large proportions. Grincu is a council of PPOP ffrom Vatra town Council, a suburb of Chisinau.

The man was detained by the police in the evening of November 17th, PPOP headquarters in Chisinau. The policemen took him to Chisinau court, were he was questioned by the chief prosecutor of Chisinau, Igor Popa.

Several leaders of Our Party came to the Prosecutor's Office to support Grincu.


Some sources from PPOP communicated for CrimeMoldova that this is about reopening a criminal file, which was previously closed three times by the Prosecutor's Office.

Felix Grincu is a 45-year-old businessman, having 4 firms registered under his name. the OP activist had previously been convicted twice for tax evasion in 2004 and 2006. Another criminal file was opened on his name in 2013 for arbitrariness.

Earlier, the media wrote that the prosecutor Gregory Dîntu, was bribed with a luxury motorcycle by Felix Grincu to close his file on extortion. Honda Shadow motorcycle, the market price of which is about 10 thousand euros, was registered under the name of the prosecutor's son. To hide his intention, the accused supposedly used an intermediary person.

The prosecutor did not deny the transaction, but said he bought it from another person and that the decision to close the file was taken in accordance with the law. Coincidentally or not, the file was closed exactly one day after the transaction occurred.

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