The head of the General Inspectorate of Police, Gheorghe Cavcaliuc, finished the construction of his "little holiday house" in Truseni, which he managed to build in just a year and for which, according to the law, he will not pay taxes. Moreover, Cavcaliuc has also bought a plot of land of 11 acres near the house.

The house is located on the territory of Zarea agricultural association near the village of Truseni, Chisinau. The building was erected on a 12-acre plot, acquired by Cavcaliuc in 2004.


The house, with a semi-basement and an attic, has an area of ​​almost 180 square meters and is registered in the real estate register as a "holiday house". 

Colonel's house is surrounded by a small orchard, a playground with a swing and a swimming pool. Workers, wearing coveralls, can be seen in the yard, taking care of the house.



Colonel Cavcaliuc took care that his property be highly secured: the building is surrounded by a wall of over 2 meters high, while the orchard and part of the playground is surrounded by a barbed wire fence, that is why, the property was labeled by locals as "zone", that is a jargon word for prison. Moreover, the building is monitored in a non-stop mode.


According to an investigation carried out by Ziarul de Garda, Cavcaliuc started the construction of the dwelling late last year.


Source: ZdG

The house was commissioned on August 25, 2016, and at the beginning of September 2016, it was registered in the cadaster. 

The Zarea agricultural association near Tuseni was founded in the Soviet era by the employees of the former Alfa TV plant, who received lots for villas there. 

According to the legislation, in such kinds of associations there are no addresses, streets, only lot numbers, the inhabitants cannot have their residence visa there, being deprived of several rights, such as access to different public services, health care or education. However, those who live in these agricultural associations enjoy a privilege - the state does not charge taxes for buildings, only for agricultural land.  

Most of the buildings in the Zarea agricultural association are modest, just like their owners. People, who live there cultivate land and keep domestic animals.  


The most famous "holiday houses" in the area are the "Zone", owned by Gheorghe Cavcaliuc and the manor of Metropolitan Vladimir. The households are within 500 meters of each other. In the absence of addresses, the inhabitants of Zarea use these households as benchmarks: "A few hundred meters away from the "Zone", "Over the road of the Metropolitan".

As for the “Zone”, everyone knows that it is Cavcaliuc's house, but few people know what position he holds: "a big militia boss", "minister of the interior", "head of the Chisinau police".

According to the statement on income and property for 2015, the plot of land near Truseni, owned by Cavcaliuc, costs 304 lei. On May 28, 2017, a plot of land of 9 acres in an agricultural association near Tuseni was  put up for sale for 22,000 euros.

Cavcaliuc also declares a plot of land for construction with an area of 11 acres, which was assigned to him in 2011. At the same time, the head of the NIP also declares a Mercedes produced in 2013, bought for 503 thousand lei.

In April 2017, the colonel buys another plot of land of 11 acres near the house, which is also registered as land for agricultural purposes.

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