Several companies that were winning public tenders for years, were sanctioned by the Competition Council (CC), last year.

Tens of millions in earnings, 200 thousand in fines

One of the most active company participating in public procurement, and namely Litarcom company, was also sanctioned. On December 30th, the company was sanctioned by the Competition Council with over 189 000 lei, for presenting inaccurate responses to the questions, that have misled the institution's employees.

Litarcom won three procurement contracts in 2016: a 4.5 million lei contract with Vărzăreștii Noi City Hall, Călărași district, a 1.4 million lei contract with a Gymnasium from Sauca village, Ocnița district and a 200 thousand lei contract with Chirileni City Hall, Ungheni district. The company has also an agreement of a contract reduction with Ungheni City Hall.

Litarcom’s participation in public tenders was more fruitful in 2015. The company benefited from various contracts, the total value of which was 41, 6 million lei.

Please note that Litarcom’s fouder, Liviu Jitari, has another 2 companies winning contracts with the state. These are Avi-Bors and Capilla.


Avi-Bors has won a contract of 3.9 million lei, in 2016, with Rezina City Hall.

Another company winning contracts with the state and sanctioned by the Competition Council is Irinda Prim. Although the company didn’t sign any contracts in 2016, during the period of time from 2011 to 2015, the company achieved over 47.9 million lei. Most of the income was due to the contracts signed with the State Road Administration. The company was founded by two other companies and a person: Societatea Top Drumuri Ltd, Societatea Ana-Prim Ltd and Igor Galeamov.

irinda prim.PNG


The company was sanctioned by the Council with about 200 thousand lei “for incomplete presentation, during the investigation, of the documents related to the object and purpose of investigation, and for refusing to give explanations about the facts related to the object and purpose of inspection".

A pharmaceutical company will not pay the fine imposed by the Competition Council

In May of 2016, six pharmaceutical companies were fined by the Competition Council, with over 17.4 million lei. They were punished for failing to deliver, in full and on time, medicinal products to health facilities in the country.

The six companies sanctioned are: Dita EstFarm, Esculap-Farm, Medeferent Grup, Sanfarm Prim, Metatron and R & P Bolgar Farm. The majority of these companies were winning contracts with the states for years now.

Thus, they have won dozens of contracts only in 2016:

Dita Estfarm - 1.6 million lei

Esculap-Farm - 645 thousand lei

Medeferent Group - last contract was signed in 2015

Sanfarm Prim - 546 thousand lei

Metatron - last contract was signed in 2015

R & P Bolgar Farm - last contract was signed in 2015.

These companies had won public contracts in 2015 as well, when the criminal case on rigged auctions in medicine was initiated.

One of the companies fined - Dita East Farm, won the case against CC at the Superior Court of Justice, and didn’t have to pay the 14 million lei fine, which was imposed by the institution.

Dita Estfarm 100% belongs to the businessman Iurie Chirtoaca, and figured in several pharmaceutical market scandals, including suspicious transaction to a Bosnian company. The company founded 4 other pharmaceutical companies: Aquafarm-group, Family Pharmacy, Val-Ginger, Farmstyl.

dita estfarm.PNG


Previously, Dita Estfarm was removed from the ban list of the commercial agents participating in public tender, according to a court decision, even though the company was included in that list until 2018 by the Public Procurement Agency.

The current legislation does not prohibit the companies sanctioned by the Competition Council to participate in public procurement.

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