The criminal case of corrupted deputies seems to be the most eloquent demonstration of popular theory "politics is a dirty thing." Witness’ statements in this case, in which Vitalie Burlacu alias Vitas and the model Irina Baglai were sentenced to 11 and 8 years of prison, reveal spicy details. By means of the two, the businessman Veaceslav Platon tried to determine deputies from the Liberal Reform Party and the Liberal Democratic Party, in exchange for 200,000 euros (in the sentence the amount also appears in euros and in dollars), to leave the pro- European Union coalition and not to pass laws on the integration of Moldova into the EU. After all, it seems that the money was accepted by a DP deputy. In his turn, Platon declared that the case was manufactured at the command of Vlad Plahotniuc, but the reconstitution of the facts appearing in the case, forms a puzzle to the detriment of the businessman.

In the Chisinau Court of Appeal's ruling of April 10, despite the fact that almost all of the names are hidden, there are some "escapes", among which Iurie Bolboceanu, formerly arrested for homeland betrayal, former LRP (Liberal Reformist Party) deputy, Anatoly Arhii, Voronin , Ion Butmalai, Ion Hadârcă, etc.

Platon was interested in LRP deputies and promised them 200,000 euros

According to the witnesses, but also the defendant Vitalie Burlacu, alias Vitas, Veaceslav Platon targeted the Liberal Reformist Party, because they had the slightest fraction and the departure of the deputies would have led to its abolition. The businessman was ready to offer Vitas through another intermediary - 200 thousand dollars in full, and then 5 thousand a month, until the formation of a new Parliament. In return for this money, MPs would withdraw from the faction and not vote for the laws that would harm "his interests", especially some Laws on the accession of the Republic of Moldova as a member of the European Union.


One of the deputies concerned was Anatolii Arhirii, who joined the LRP ​​after leaving the LP (Liberal Party).


The deputy later denied in the press that he or his LRP colleagues were the target of corruption.

In 2015, the Arhirii, together with Ana Gutu and other former LRP members, created the Right Party, which recently merged with the NUP (National Unity Party), founded by Anatol Salaru.

Even if at the beginning there were speculation about one deputy being corrupted, then Platon would have operated with the number of 13 deputies, and in the sentence the figure 7, will also appear.



Draft dissolution of Parliament, with a "worse" scenario than in Ukraine, financed by the Russian Embassy

From the witness statements in the deputies' case, it is clear that Russia's "friends" were preparing a scenario for Moldova in May of 2014 as in Ukraine.


Thus one of the witnesses received on a sheet the name of a person who would have been close to Putin. On the same paper, it would have been written that the corruption of the deputies is "a dissolution project of the Parliament, and the money comes from the Russian Embassy". The witness, who acted undercover, was warned to be really careful, because high-level people are interested. After the dissolution of the Parliament, a new Government, a new leadership, would be appointed, and he was promised to be the head of the Supreme Security Council because he "deserves" it.

The names of Bolboceanu, Butmalai and Voronin, appears in corruption of deputies case

Iurie Bolboceanu, the former DP deputy, arrested in March of this year in a case opened by the special services for espionage and homeland betrayal in the interest of the Russian Federation, appears in the case of corrupted deputies.


One of the witnesses in the MP's case on corruption said that it was announced that more MPs would leave parliamentary factions at the first Parliament session in 2014. On March 6, 2014, the witness was called and was told to attend the Parliament's meeting "that he would see something interesting." At that sitting of Parliament, the Deputy Iurie Bolboceanu said he was leaving DP.

The witness also said that "this is the beginning, and if he wants to win something, as well as his friends, then accept the proposal" (referring to the offer of 250,000 dollars). It is not clear whether Bolboceanu would still have received 200,000 euros to leave the coalition, but his party mate Valentina Stratan, who was still approached to leave the party, said in a facebook post in 2014, referring Iurie Bolboceanu leaving the party:


Another name that appears in the sentence is that of the former LDPM deputy, Ion Butmalai, who was shot in December of 2014, the final version of the incident being suicide.

Thus, in the declassified sentence, obtained by reporters, it is mentioned that Vitas would have declared that he spoke with the intermediary about LDPM deputies, Alexandru Cimbriciuc and Ion Butmalai. The intermediary said he knew the two, but he did not know if they would also participate. Vitas also says he has not met with the two.



In the LDPM list for November 2014, Butmalai's name has not been included. He said he would come out with a press conference in which he would "break the silence," but in December of 2014, Butmalai was found shot.

During the scandal over the corruption of deputies and shortly before the flagging organized by NAC (National Anticorruption Committee), two deputies from the ruling coalition, Valentina Stratan (DP) and Iurie Chiorescu (LDMP), told Facebook and the press that certain people had taken corruption actions against them. The lawmakers would have proposed to leave the factions and join a "new political force of perspective".


The Liberal Democrat, Valeriu Strelet, and Democrat, Marian Lupu , suggested that behind these actions would be Veaceslav Platon and foreign forces, hostile to the European integration course.

The names of the two deputies do not appear in the file. At present, Valentina Stratan and Iurie Chiorescu are also in Parliament, but the latter has left the LDPM and acts as an independent member.

In an episode of testimonies, the name Voronin appears, where the intermediary would have asked Burlacu if Voroning won’t turn against them. The question was addressed during a skype conversation.


They promised "Cosova" NAC, MI or ISS positions and General rank,  or how the intermediary became a witness

The main statements in the case, together with Vitas, belong to the former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ghenadie Cosovan. He was initially approached as an intermediary by Burlacu, at Platon's recommendation, because he would have had influence over several MPs. Platon would have told Burlacu that Cosovan is an influential man, all parties invite him in their factions, being a veteran of the Nistru war, he is in good relations with the decision-makers of Moldova's Ministry of Interior, he is in good relations with deputies, but also needs a job. It was he who was to identify the deputies who were ready to leave the coalition and the one who had to send their money.

In exchange for mediation, Cosovan would receive 50,000 euros, but also part of the $ 5,000 that fugitive MPs would receive on a monthly basis. At the same time, Cosovan, whom "Russian friends" called "Cosova," was promised positions at NAC, MI or ISS and general rank.



According to the sentence, however, Cosovan decided to work with the law enforcement authorities, when he understood that "it is not a joke" and decided to record the whole Skype talk with Vitas, with the intention of submitting it to the law enforcement bodies.


Burlacu's lawyer told the court that the discussion was challenged on purpose, for the production of the evidence.

The recording was subsequently transmitted to the NAC, and Cosovan was equipped with special techniques to assist in detaining Vitas, and subsequently acted undercover.

After Cosovan decided to work with the investigative bodies, the flagrant, in which Vitalie Burlacu was detained, was also organized. Thus, on March 6, 2014, Cosovan met Vitas at Jumbo to ensure that he had the money from Platon to "buy" Anatol Arhire. They were due to see the next morning to take his money, but the next day "Vitas" was detained in flagrant.


Ghenadie Cosovan's political profile is quite controversial. He was in the past a strong supporter of the Customs Union, and in 2016 he became the leader of the unionist movement, being the founder of one of the four organizations that formed the Council of the country. 2 He held the position of Deputy Minister of the Interior, reaching the culmination of his career during communist government.

After the collapse of the communist regime, Colonel Cosovan, in reserve, returned to public space to promote the need to create an alternative for the European Union, based on CIS countries, the main argument being "spiritual affinities between the Russian and Moldovan people". In the parliamentary elections in November of 2010, Ghenadie Cosovan is in the eighth position on the list of the Humanist Party of Moldova (HPM), whose leader was former head of Security, Valeriu Pasat, a close of the Russian politician, Anatol Ciubais. The Humanist Party, whose member was also Ghenadie Cosovan, opted for the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the Customs Union.

Starting with 2014, Ghenadii Cosovan becomes a permanent guest of the programs from the TV station "Publika TV", whose beneficiary is Vladimir Plahotniuc. In July of 2014, Colonel Cosovan registers the "Homeland Faith" public organization, which aims at strengthening veterans of the 1992 war, veterans of the MI, ISS, NAC, the Ministry of Defense, as well as widows and parents of those who fell under duty.


Currently, he is vehemently critical of the D&T Platform, is constantly announcing the media about the dangers of coup d'état, and the leaders of the opposition will stand behind it.

At the same time, Ghenadie Cosovan becomes a fiery promoter of unionism, especially from the TV studios "Publika TV" and "Prime". He actively participates in organizing the union march on April 27, 2016 and the congress of organizing the council of the country 2. Details here.

Platon: A case made by Plahotniuc

Before being arrested, Veaceslav Platon would have told a Ukrainian notary that the file on corruption of MPs was made by Vladimir Plahotniuc, and Vitalie Burlacu and Irina Baglai would have been unjustly convicted. The copy of the statement was sent to CrimeMoldova by Platon's lawyers.


Platon admitted that Burlacu and Baglai are close relatives, arguing that they were used by Plahotniuc to make him not file statements against him in the trial filed by Victor and Viorel Topa.

The businessman also said that he had met with Plahotniuc in a hotel in Vienna in December of 2014, the latter would have promised that if he withdraws his statement, then Burlacu and Baglai will be released from custody, otherwise they will be sentenced to many  years of imprisonment.

Burlacu admitted his guilt, Baglai did not

In spite of all the names that appear in the case, only Platon, Burlacu, Baglai and Bolboceanu came to the isolators. Immediately in this case were convicted Vitalie Burlacu, who was responsible for the money transfer, and Irina Baglai, who had the role of renting metal safes and putting money into storage.

The former model, Irina Baglai, and ex-policeman Vitalie Burlacu were detained on March 7, 2014, during the flagrant organized with the help of Colonel Cosovan.

On March 13, 2014, NAC also announced that it has discovered 500,000 euros in a bank safe leased by Irina Baglai. The money was intended for the corruption of two LDPM deputies.


The two were in custody until January of 2015, being released under judicial control. After the release, the case had no progress, most of the court hearings being interrupted or postponed.

Vitalie Burlacu disappeared in April of 2016, three months before the sentence, but was detained on November 16 in Vadul lui Vodă.

Even if there was no statements made in the court hearing, Vitalie Burlacu alias "Vitas" admitted his guilt after the case reached the Court of Appeal. He was sentenced to 11 years in prison with execution and a fine of 80 thousand lei.


Irina Baglai did not admit her guilt.


Although the court of law had sentenced her to 3 years in prison, the Court of Appeal recalculated the facts, sentencing the model to eight years of imprisonment in a semi-closed penitentiary and a fine of 140,000 lei.

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