The magistrates of the Court of Appeal upheld today the decision of the Buiucani District Court with respect to Vlad Filat. The former prime minister and leader of the LDP will remain in custody for nine years.

Judges also excluded from Vlad Filat's sentence, previously ruled out by the Buiucani District Court, some confiscated property. Among the appellants was his ex-wife, Sanda Diviricean.

Filat told the journalists that the decision of the Court of Appeal was illegal. "It is an illegal decision. We’re going on".

"We're going to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court, we shall publish each page of the case, we shall fight to the end and we shall not believe this act of injustice, we shall make this case known, law students will study it at college,” the lawyer Igor Popa said.

The defender explained that the magistrates' decision was not clear, "I understand that the magistrates of the Court of Appeal upheld the punishment of 9 years for Vlad Filat, but they accepted the lawyers’ request to revise the decision on seized goods. They will hand down the complete decision on December 9 at 2:00 pm." Popa pointed out that Filat has no fault in this case, the sentence is illegal, and the case is politically biased.

"During the entire process, they had violated several of rights of Vlad Filat. They violated his right to presumption of innocence, the right to defense, the right to hear the defense witnesses, they violated the most important principle - all the meetings were closed. There were 50 hearings in total and all of them were closed. I say fittingly, Vlad Filat is not guilty of corruption offenses," the layer pointed out.

In the hearing, the former prime minister reiterated and expressed his concern about  the political connotation of the case. He pleaded not guilty and claimed that evidence was falsified to shoulder all the problems of the Moldovan banking system on him.

"Witnesses from the Russian Federation, invoked in Ilan Shor’s self-denunciation belie his words. These witnesses say clearly that they have never seen Vlad Filat and have never been to Moldova," Igor Popa added. 

Vlad Filat was sentenced to nine years of imprisonment for influence peddling and passive corruption in the case of the Savings Bank frauds. Moreover, the Buiucani District Court imposed a fine of 60 thousand lei on him. The court ruled out the seizure of goods worth over 4 million lei and withdrawal of the "Order of the Republic" from the former Prime Minister.

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