The forest next to the Ulmu Monastery hides from the inquisitive eyes some chic villas with well-landscaped yards, enclosed by a wire fence, ready to accommodate their guests. Mere mortals are not allowed to step on the land, being warned by an indicator that the forest is a private property. The buildings belong to MPs representing the Democratic Party of Moldova (DPM), a former deputy investigated in custody, well-known businessmen and doctors, one of whom was caught in the act of taking a bribe.

The scheme seems pretty simple: a company was set up; it leased the forest where subsequently the villas were built. It is the Vial Brio Limited Liability Company, founded in August 2010, which a few days after its registration with the State Chamber, on September 3, 2010, signed a contract with Moldsilva. The contract provided for the lease of 6 hectares of forest for a period of 49 years, "for recreational purposes", for an annual amount of 26,700 lei. Please note that Vial Brio has no other commercial activities.

"You will have problems, there are competent people here”

The owners of the villas have hired guards, who do not allow foreigners to the fenced territory. 



To our question if we can rent cottages for the weekend, the guard urged us to go to the children’s camp "Cheerful Glade" and not dare to come there anymore. Moreover, he threatened to create problems, because "there are competent people there, deputies," and then he hurriedly started to dial a phone number.


Who are the owners of the villas?

According to the data from the State Registration Chamber, Vial Brio has 12 founders, holding 8% of the company's assets, except for the administrator, who owns 12% of the enterprise. 

One of the owners is the former DPM deputy, Iurie Bolboceanu, who is under arrest for espionage and homeland betrayal, being charged with revealing secret information to the military attaché of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Chisinau.

Iurie Bolboceanu. Source:

Prosecutors have in their safe another criminal case against Bolboceanu, suspected of claiming 150,000 euros to help an ex-deputy minister of Transport and Road Infrastructure come back to office.

In March 2015, Bolboceanu was cruelly beaten by two unknown persons in front of the building, where he lives. The police failed to clarify the circumstances of the case.

Adrian Hotineanu, head of the Hepato-Pancreative Surgery Department of the Republican Hospital and son of the DPM deputy (former PLDM), Vladimir Hotineanu, who founded the department, is also among the founders of the company. Adrian Hotineanu is a Doctor of Medicine and, like his father, performs liver transplantation surgeries.

adrian hotineanu

Adrian Hotineanu. Source: Mednews

Former LDPM and current DP deputy, Vladimir Hotineanu, together with his son, Adrian, are among the founders of the joint venture Farmsintez LLC engaged in pharmaceutical business.

Adrian Hotineanu's wife, Alina, is the founder of two companies, one of which owns the Repromed Center, a modern clinic, specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of reproductive function pathologies in women and men. 

vladimir hotineanu

Vladimir Hotineanu. Source:

Earlier, the media accused Vladimir Hotineanu of having monopolized most of the medical businesses through his family members.

Vladimir Hotineanu held the position of Health Minister in the Filat Government. He left LDPM in January 2016, being a non-attached member until April 2017, when he joined the Democratic Party parliamentary faction.

Another founder of Vial Brio LLC is Ananie Dudnic from Vulcanesti, father of DPM deputy, Corneliu Dudnic. Ananie Dudnic is the owner of Cornela-Dudnic, an individual corporation in ATU of Gagauzia with agriculture business.

Corneliu Dudnic is a professional judo fighter and run for the parliamentary elections in 2014 under no. 26 on the DPM list. Dudnic, who joined the DPM in April 2013, is considered one of the initiators of an incident in the People's Assembly of Gagauzia that occurred in June 2014, in which the former Bashkan, Mihail Formuzal, and the former local speaker, Dmitri Constantinov, were inflicted bodily injuries. Officers of the Comrat Police Inspectorate instituted a criminal case for hooliganism, in which Dudnic and his colleague, Serghei Cernev, were the main suspects. The case was shelved.


Corneliu Dudnic. Source:

The production company Chitico, whose owner is Victor Potorac, is another founder of Vial Brio. Victor Potorac is the owner of Iris Hotel and a rest house bearing the same name. His sister, Eugenia Ciumac, accountant head of the Chisinau City Hall, also has a stake in the facility.

Ion Potorac, the owner of a construction business and brother of Victor Potorac, holds an 8% stake in Vial Brio. 

Initially, the legal address of Vial Brio LLC was a building on the Pavel Botu Street in Chisinau, registered under the name of Renata Potorac, Victor Potorac’s wife. 


Vial Brio’s administrator is Aurel Turcan, who holds the largest share of the alleged business. Turcan is the head of the vascular surgery department at the Republican Clinical Hospital and is investigated criminally in a corruption case opined in early May. Aurel Turcan, who is a Doctor of Medicine, is suspected of asking a bribe of 1,700 euros and receiving 1,200 euros from a patient's relative to carry out two surgeries.

NAC sources have told for CrimeMoldova that Aurel Turcan is being investigated at large because he has recognized his guilt and returned all the money.

turcan aurel

Aurel Ţurcan. PRO TV Chişinău

Other co-owners of Vial Brio are Veaceslav Gorincioi, Andrei Morari, Daniela Rusu, Galina Spanu, Cornelia Ceban, Sergiu Ungureanu and Victor Tulbure. Most of these people are businessmen and / or doctors and appear as founders of other companies.



Cornelia Ceban is an ophthalmologist at the Medpark International Hospital in Chisinau, which is a private institution. In addition to having a share in Vial Brio, she is also the founder of Sanmedico Company, together with Vitalie Goreacii.

Sanmedico has won hundreds of public contracts with medical institutions from different districts. The total value of its contracts is over 27 million lei. Among the institutions that concluded procurement contracts with the company are the Republican Clinical Hospital, where Ceban worked before joining Medpark.

Aurel Turcan: "It's just a construction site"

Asked by CrimeMoldova, Aurel Turcan said that they are building holiday cottages on the territory of the leased forest, which would be rented to the families willing to have a rest. The doctor also said that the company has no commercial activities yet, "It's a construction site that we have stopped for lack of finance. I think there is still a long way before we can operate. We need investment and there isn’t any." 

Aurel Turcan admitted that most of his business partners are doctors from the Republican Clinical Hospital and some former or current deputies. At the same time, the doctor said that Iurie Bolboceanu could be excluded from the list of owners because he did not invest in the business.

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