Deputy Minister of Education, Culture and Research, Lilia Pogolsa, bought an apartment worth 3 million lei in 2016. The name of the public servant appears in a criminal case initiated  for illicit enrichment.

According to Moldova Curata, in 2016, Pogolsa sold a plot of land worth 40,000 lei, which had not been declared in the previous years.

Thus, having a monthly salary of 22,000 lei, which she received as director at the Institute of Educational Sciences, the official bought an apartment of 108 square meters, worth 3,177,000 lei.

By 2016, the official had not declared any real estate facility, but according to ZDG, she lived in a 2-storeyed house, registered into the name of her parents, whom she had donated it many years ago.


According to the source, the name of Liliana Pogolsa appears in a criminal case of illicit enrichment, but until now the vice minister has no procedural status in it.

We remind you that Lilia Pogolsa was appointed Deputy Minister of Education on May 31, 2017, after the resignation of the Liberal Minister Corina Fusu. Following the recent merge of the Ministries of Culture and Education, the official retained her position.

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