Prosecutors, investigating special cases and organized crimes, Vasilii Stoinov and Taras Patraman revealed in a press conference, held today, details on the arrest of two residents of Gagauzia, accused of falsifying election results for the Gagauz People’s Assembly of 4 December this year.

The arrests were held the other day. The two detainees are the presiding officer of polling station no. 1/2, Elena Todorova, and the secretary of the Supervisory Board of the GRT (a TV channel in Gagauzia), also president of the Gagauz-Oguzsport football club, Anatolii Mavrodi.

Prosecutors said that one of the candidates filed a complaint with the prosecution office, which led to the initiation of two criminal cases for "hindering of the right to vote or hindering the activities of electoral bodies" and "forgery of the voting results". 

"A few supporters and members of the election team of one of the candidates proposed and awarded funds (from 200 to 1000 lei) and other goods to citizens, living in constituency no. 1. Financial rewards were also offered to people, who gathered residents accepting to vote for a certain candidate. The prosecution found falsification of election results, achieved with the participation of employees of electoral offices," the prosecutor Taras Patraman said, quoted by

Having checked the voters’ lists, prosecutors found that people with foreign passports and persons that are currently abroad voted in constituency no. 1.

Mavrodi and Todorova were detained because witnesses claimed they had been directly involved in these crimes, says.

According to the prosecutors, the two have already been presented charges. The legislation provides for imprisonment of up to 5 years for bribing voters and up to 3 years for falsifying the election results.

Gagauzian Governor, Irina Vlach, said the detentions are "an act of intimidation of the population of Gagauzia".

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